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Updated Mobile SDKs for Android and iOS

Main Functionalities available in both Mobile SDKs

  • Support for new Mobile Campaigns (Simple Push, Silent Push, Banner, Walkthrough, First Run Message, Mandatory Update)
  • Dedicated tracking for Mobile Campaigns
  • Auto-tracking functionality allowing SDK to attach to your App and track user actions within the App with minimal DEV effort
  • Declarative tracking functionality allowing you to declare additional tracking actions and gather more extensive informations from within the App
  • User Management

iOS SDK 3.1.72


  • Injector starts automatically or manually
  • Walkthrough optional delegate methods
  • Banner optional delegate methods
  • New parameters to AppStartedEvent
  • Placeholder while loading images


  • SyneriseSDK optional delegate methods
  • New uuid mechanism

Bug fixes

  • Smaller fixes not worth to mention here ;)

Android SDK 3.1.8


  • Banner optional callbacks
  • Walkthrough optional callbacks
  • Reminder about confirming email after sign up
  • New parameters to AppStartedEvent
  • New placeholders while loading images
  • Signing client in sends also client's UUID
  • Models with email and/or password validation
  • Sending VisitScreen event from aspect
  • Support for Tracker and Android O Background Execution Limits
  • Common templates for walkthrough, banners and welcome screen


  • Major SDK core optimisation
  • Major Injector rebuild
  • Gradle version to 3.1.1
  • New uuid mechanism

Bug fixes

  • OkHttp header encoding
  • Event duplication
  • Nullable serialized models
  • Synalter multiple modifications of same view
  • Walkthrough pager loop
  • Android O importance bug
  • Keyboard covering input