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Full Synerise API documentation is located under Reference


Synerise SDKs are publicly available on our official GitHub account


In addition to the above you can also utilize webhooks to notify other apps about changes in Synerise such as: client create or update and coupons add, update, use.
Go to Settings > Integrations > Webhooks and click Edit right to Webhook.

Choose event and past the URL where Synerise will try to sent webhooks about changes and set sending method. You can add as many web hooks as you want.

Synerise Platform (v4.3.0)

License: Proprietary


Welcome to Synerise API reference! We hope that you'll enjoy your stay here. If you need help with our services, feel free to contact us:

To open Synerise's collection in Postman, click:

Remember that every API call needs to have some headers defined:

Header name
Header value







API Areas

We have following groups of endpoints that you can use:

API area

Used for logging in and account management

Used for creating, updating and finding clients

Used for finding events and creating custom ones

Used for creating, updating and finding transactions

Used for managing user roles and profile associations

Used for mobile application content management


The Synerise Platform uses JWT as an authorization method in order to simplify the API consumption process. The idea is very simple: you send your credentials to the login endpoint and it returns you a token. Then you have to pass it as an Authorization header to any subsequent request, just like here: Authorization: Bearer: [token]. It is valid for 1 hour only, but it does not mean, that you cannot use our API any longer - if you want to prolongate the session, you just request the refresh endpoint and a new token is given to you.

To verify your token signature, use the public key available here.

Synerise distinguishes three different types of API consumers:

  • Client is the end user of your site. The one who browses your pages, makes purchases and uses mobile applications. That person is able to register an account, update it's data and e.g. redeem a coupon, so some endpoints require a login process here, especially when using the mobile application. A client is only able to modify his own data.

  • User is the end user of Synerise. The one who logs in to It might be you, or some of your coworkers. Because a large part of user activitites could be automated using our API, a separate login mechanism is required here.

  • Profile We call a Business Profile our relationship with a particular company or organisation. Some of the operations which could be done with Synerise don't fit very well to the previous categories, like e.g. sending batches of client information or transactions. In general you use the Profile authentication if the operation you're about to execute doesn't have a particular physical person (a User or Client) bound to it.

In order to log-in you have to use an API key. These keys could be created, managed and revoked on demand using the Synerise Application. They could not be used for different login methods, and could have even stricter limitations for specific purposes.

Synerise SDK

Our SDK enables integration of Synerise with your app. This constantly updated tool is dedicated to mobile platforms and back-end environments. Use Synerise SDK and feel free to use available documentation, headers for certain programming languages, example source codes.