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In this section you'll find guide for starting with Synerise SDK for iOS based devices, if you are developing for other platforms like Android and web, please refer to section aimed at those platforms.

The Synerise SDK for iOS allows you to integrate Synerise Platform within your Mobile Applications.

Supported iOS versions

Synerise SDK supports devices starting with iOS version 9 an higher


Before you start on integrating the Synerise SDK for Android, please make sure you have the following:

  1. Installed latest version of Xcode. Please refer to Apple Developer side:
  2. Synerise Business Partner and Client Keys that you can create from your Synerise account by visiting
  3. Prepare Firebase Cloud Messaging Server Key and Sender ID and set it up from here: as described in section Firebase Cloud Messaging
  4. Setup Synerise SDK as described in section Installation


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