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Loyalty programme

To use loyalty programs you must use API rule, which you can find here:

API methods

  1. Get client's personal data. One of the parameters must be specified:

  2. Get loyalty and engagement with optional filters: email, phone, number card, barcode. Priority search by parameters: 1) email, 2) phone, 3) number card. 4) barcode.

  3. Sign up the customer in the Loyalty Club

In loyalty programs you can also use the coupons and gift cards:

  1. Coupons
    Activates a coupon and returns an individual identifier (barcode).
    If Client's token or UUID is provided, then the coupon is assigned to the Client. If not, then the coupon is "in blanco", but that requires Coupon with strictUse set to false (otherwise, nobody would be able to use such coupon).
    Check out more here

  2. Gift cards
    Check out more here

Loyalty programme

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