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Welcome to the Synerise developer hub. Add extraordinary value to Your business with a Synerise integration, webhooks, API or customize Synerise for Your organization.

Get Started

On our official GitHub account you will find Synerise Magento plugin.

The Magento integration enables you to track clients, send transaction events and generate products & categories XML file.

After installing the plugin you can set up it’s configuration.

Integration Module

  • API
    This module is responsible for sending events from Magento to Synerise. In order to do that you have to provide it with your business profile API key.
  • Allow fork tracking
    By default this feature should be set to true as it optimises communication between Synerise and Magento.
  • Tracking clients activities
    If you want to track clients activities and you haven’t already embedded Synerise Tracking Codes (see the first paragraph) just turn the tracking option on.
  • Sending transaction data
    In the Tracking events module you can see a list of events you can track using this plugin. We suggest setting all of them to yes.
    In the next step go to the product attributes configuration the purpose of this step is to map Magento’s attributes parameters with nice names that will be sent to Synerise.
  • Synchronising customers and orders
    This feature allows you to synchronise all existing in Magento transaction and customer data to Synerise. Use it to sent archival data.

Export Module

The export module is responsible for generating a XML file with products and their categories. Synergies uses this file to gather information about product which is later used i.e. in mobile apps using our SDK or to map product categories id to nice names.

  • Configuration
    The hash in this field is generated automatically after installing the plugin. You can change it but we don’t recommend using that. In the next step you have to choose for which shop you want the XML file to be generated. You can choose as many as you like.
  • Attribute mapping
    There are tree core attributes you have to map to generate the XML file.
  • Map Update Settings
    If you want to keep the XML file up to date you have to set the crone start time and frequency.
    The last part is generating the feed.
  • Coupon module
    Enabling this module lets you use Synerise Coupons. When your client receives a coupon from Synerise and uses it’s promo code in the transaction Synerise will receive that information and if the promo code exist in Synerise it will be added on Magento to catalogue rules.