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In order to obtain data for further analysis Synerise allows you to track various activities like page navigation events, sending forms, transactions and custom events.
This chapter describes how to connect your system with Synerise.

Default tracking codes send only "page.visits" - information about visited site. With this information, we collect:

  • current site URL
  • URL of the site that we came from
  • client IP
  • UserAgent
  • counter with information which page visit it is
  • counter with information which page visit it is, in the current session
  • screen resolution
  • website title
  • OG tags information:
    • 'og:title',
    • 'og:url',
    • 'og:type',
    • 'og:site_name',
    • 'og:image'
    • 'product:*'

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