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Get Started

Before you launch web push at your website you need to integrate with Firebase Cloud Messaging

Default method

  1. In Synerise go to Settings > Web-push
  2. Download two zip archives
  3. Put manifest.json on your webserver
  4. Put worker file snr-sw.json your webserver. Note that file must be reachable under site root with exact same filename e.g. otherwise this mechanism won't work.
    In case you're using another worker you can add snr-sw.js contents to your worker file and rename it to snr-sw.js
  5. Copy code fragment from Settings > Web-push and include it under <HEAD> section of your website. Make sure that path to manifest.json is correct.
   <!-- Add the line below into your head section, make sure path is correct -->
   <link rel="manifest" href="/manifest.json">


  • Your site must fully support HTTPS
  • Your site must redirect all http:// requests to https:// requests
  • Synerise web-pushes are available for Chrome and Firefox browser
  • Implementation of Synerise SDK JS is necessary for Synerise web-push service
  • Web-pushes will be shown after first visit on the site (during the second and subsequent visits)
  • Web-push "click" event is sent instead of "page.visit"

Using Synerise addon

Permission use additional browser window to connect with Synerise website. Easy to configure (you don't need to add anything to your code) but web users have to confirm their subscriptions.